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AS WE ASPIRE to be a developed nation, Science and Technology becomes so important and dominant. We hope to create a Malaysian version of Steve Jobs. So, how about the Art?

As I was very fascinated on how things are made, I decided to study Chemistry up to tertiary level. My basic instinct then told me that Chemistry alone wouldn’t help me in the career world. I was blessed as in USM, Science major is allowed to do Arts subject as minor. I took Management because I knew the subject could help me in many aspects of life.

In US however, there are more choices of taking Arts subject for Science and Technology students. Such example, one undergraduate did Geology as major and took music as minor. But he didn’t turn to be a rock star, ok!

When I did my final year research about kidney and bladder stones (English term); scientifically I focused on Calcium Oxalate crystals, I was thrilled by its colours and shapes. I had to learn photography to capture the beauty of the crystals. Simultaneously, I kept on trying to find the remedy to dissociate the crystals aggregation.

After the findings were confirmed, I had to deliver its in written and verbal communication. Fortunately, the art of writing and speaking comes naturally to me. Furthermore, these skills play a big part in the working environment. And later on Management becomes one of the core subjects in my life.

In the real world, everything you do will be considered. Whether you are a good listener, either you speak too fast or too slow, in fact you must know to control your tone of voice. Speaking too softly or too monotonously is guaranteed to put listeners to sleep!

Effective communication means you have to think of your audience, you must use intelligible words as well as the correct grammar and punctuations.

And when it comes to clothes, there are rules to follow though you want to project femininity through your dress. Such rules advised by Surinder Jessy:

1. Neutral colours are best.

2. Never wear black stockings with white shoes. Are you a zebra or a woman?

3. A scarf should match the overall colour code for the day.

4. It isn’t necessary to match pink lipstick with pink shoes or pink dress.

For your information, Colour Chemists mix and match certain colours to create varieties of shade. Do appreciate their hard work.

These arts enhance your executive image which is vital for the job interviews, on the job itself and a better position in your organization.

So to speak, a well planned work area saves our time from going from one corner to the other. An organized desk and cupboard helps us to find anything immediately.

A director who specialized in engineering may buy a luxury car with the latest technology available. But the one who realized that the manpower in the organization is the biggest asset would use the company’s profit to boost their morale.

IN MY OPINION, Science is life, art is everywhere. We must combine both subjects up to tertiary level. We need lawyers for medical cases; we need scientists who speak properly. No ‘dia orang’ please!

So, by right we shouldn’t limit the scope. For instance, psychology, landscape architecture, civil engineering, mass communication as well as creative writing combine both arts and sciences.

Certainly in life even a specialist sometimes cannot be too specialized. Assumption still conquers most people mind. Yes, I write and speak in Bahasa Malaysia and English but it doesn’t mean that I am good in teaching the languages.

Nevertheless, as tree drawing test is one of the methods I use in assessing the mental, emotional and behavior problems, I must know a lot about trees. The landscape too since I exercise the plants healing powers.

When I looked at SPM syllabus for arts subject, I found that the topics need an all rounder. Can we find many artists who like Interior Designs, Landscapes, all kinds of handicraft, drawings, etc.?

Or will the lessons just remain as theories? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Well, we don’t have to ask everybody to learn everything. We can’t force them to appreciate many things either. Those who earn a living through arts are guided from the heart and the soul. This is our cup of tea for the rest of our life. Artists who have enough support, emotionally and financially have advantages. And those who have much time to practice will be perfect.(excelled)

KIDS NOWADAYS are well informed. They are eager to learn new things. They are good observers. Irdina, a year two pupil was so excited to know that plants also grow from stem cuttings, bulbs and rhizomes. Because at school she is taught that trees grow from seeds.

‘Kita tanam pokok sebab Negeriku sayang Bandar teknologi hijau, eh?’

She then asked me, why she learns Science without experiments? (Studies have proven people remember better when they can see and touch.) Why people still do open burning? Why people still throw rubbish anywhere?

‘Kan kat TV kata, jangan jadikan bumi ini tong sampah kita!’

Studies have shown highly creative people tend to follow their heart. Creativity needs freedom. Creativity allows you to have your own style of writing, your own signature dishes, your favourite colour(s), etc. How can we see the hidden talent and what kind of information they have when we direct the kids to use green for leaves? Codiaeum variegatum or croton or Malays call Pokok Puding leaves are variegated in mixtures of green, yellow and red.

So, could we let the teenagers pick whatever subject he or she likes, say baking and cake decoration, set up a club and have the right mentor? Please be reminded that artisans learn best by hands on.

Bear in mind boys and girls are different. Some boys can’t sit still. Those who are genius and active are easily bored. They can be naughty when they are not interested. Boys like books with big pictures and print, they want it real, they like it short. Boys like dinosaurs, cars and trucks. Girls prefer dolls and ‘main masak-masak’.

Children are like white canvas. They judge us by what we already have done not by what we are capable of doing. It is our responsibility to turn them into beautiful arts and practical tools. We adults have to guide them to be persistent and patient. Be brave to set new or different standards and secure them for a better tomorrow.future

Whatever we do comes from the heart. People who feel cared will care more.

Now, as a holistic medicine practitioner, Science to me is nutrition, vitamins and minerals, flowers and water; Art is therapy. When I decided to write fictions, most of the characters work as scientists, doctors and engineers. The Art is how to make it attractive, how to ensure readers hook to the stories.

Albert Einstein once said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. My say, imagination and knowledge change fantasy into reality.

Face is a mirror of human’s mind, fine feathers make fine birds,

Accept my comment with open mind, if you angry you’re a bird.

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